Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hearing draws wind turbine critics

APEX: Somerset Town Board considers local laws to bar industrial wind energy systems.

By Tim Fenster

Lockport Journal

Apex Clean Energy frequently cites the Town of Somerset residents who support the company’s plans to erect up to 70 wind turbines in the rural, lakeside community. But those supporters were nowhere to be found at a public hearing Wednesday over proposed zoning laws that would amount to a town-wide ban on large wind energy systems.Continue reading via this link to the Lockport Journal

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TAXCOLLECTOR2017 said...

I helped block wind farms in the Town of Lyme as a landowner during the last round of
land grabs during the cape Vincent fiasco. The Town of Lyme Supervisor has made some rather disturbing, and conflicting comments. I asked him who made the laws and he said he had no idea, that he was just a supervisor. A supervisor who can create an ADHOC borad of cronies to create any law he wants. While taxing landowners and saying thing that make him appealing to renters , the landowners pay for most of the services. He says he supports veterans, but veterans own land as well. I think he's upset because he couldn't get this crucial piece of property and I have no doubts he needs to be investigated for conflict of interest. As a landowner and a veteran I take offence to this kind of politician.