Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letter From AG's Office Shows Callous Disregard For Cape Vincent

I wrote a letter to the Attorney General’s office, this is not the identical letter that I wrote but it is very close to what I wrote.

The town of Cape Vincent is facing an issue of a magnitude never seen before in the history of this tiny community. Two industrial power giants have approached the towns of Cape Vincent and Lyme proposing to erect approximately 137 turbines over, 400’’ feet tall each, amongst our homes. Cape Vincent does not currently have zoning laws in place to protect its citizens and the turbines have been cleverly designated as utilities to avoid any future zoning restrictions.
The wind companies have concluded that there aren’t any health issues with low frequency noise (LFN) and their proposed turbine locations. Unfortunately their conclusions are based on inadequate research methods. The problem with that is LFN is not just an auditory problem; it is a non-audible phenomenon, meaning it is harmful on two levels, auditory and systemic. It affects every organ in the human body. This is why the wind company noise studies are flawed. They do not fully address LFN; they see it as a one dimensional issue. Scientific research clearly demonstrates that wind turbines in the proximity of residential areas produce acoustical environments that can lead to the development of Vibroacoustic Disease (vad) manifested from exposure to low frequency noise. Research, ongoing since 1980, first targeted only occupational environments. Now with the placing of turbines in residential areas research has expanded to include homes in close proximity to wind turbines (less than 2 km). Some of the symptoms of vad include thickening of cardiac structures, headache, immunological changes, balance disorders, and a decrease in cognitive skills.

Unfortunately in Cape Vincent deals were made, contracts signed and plans set before the general public was informed. Town officials having signed contracts with wind developers creating conflicts of interests, proposed zoning regulations framed to benefit the wind companies and stakeholders, not the general public. There has been talk of officials holding secret meetings. Our town government has been conducting business as though they have their own secret society. Is our town government a fraternal organization or a privately held corporation?

My letter to the AG went into more detail about what has been happening in Cape Vincent and our struggles to date, so you can only imagine my excitement when I received a letter in the mail from the attorney general’s office…

When I opened the letter from the AG and I read the contents I became severely aware of the disconnect between our government and our community.

After what I had written and the details that were provided, the response that I received was disappointing and insulting to be addressed like this, either they did not read my letter or they did not want to deal with the content or they did not understand the issue, either way they are not fit for public service because this is not public service.
I am not alone I am representative of a Community in distress a community under siege and we are being ignored when our attorney general allows himself to be come so insulated to what is happening this is absolutely unacceptable. He cannot pick and choose what issues he wants to deal with in this state and ignore everything else …

Below is a copy of ERIC T. SCHNEIDERMAN’s totally unrelated form letter that was sent to me by his dysfunctional office and after that is a video of the former Reinbeckian Town Board making the determination that the Attorney General is useless
Perhaps a profound statement borne of ignorance ….


Anonymous said...

Cannot read this, can zoom and still read it clearly. Can you put the letter as a download?

K. muschell said...

Make sure you double click on the letter to enlarge it for easier viewing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks K, got it.

This letter is a joke? Can't be from the esteemed Office of the AG.

But at least we know he is doing something down there, just nothing regarding Cape Vincent.

OWO said...

OMG!!! That certainly answers the question "who is looking out for us?". NOT THE AG'S OFFICE!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear AG Schneiderman,
Your letter is tantamount to turning in your English homework in your biology class. Sorry Charlie, you'd get an F in high school and you get an F in the real world, too. Wake up and pay attention.

Anonymous said...

WTF? I can not believe the response letter! Totally unrelated to the current issues in CV and totally unrealated response to the letter written to the AG! Which leads me to this question- Who in a higher power is looking out for us??? Not the AG that is for certain. Not the judge who ruled against WPEG annd other who filed a law suit. and Just yesterday I read on JLL MM made his own ruling he issues of conflict have been resolved. I hate to say this but I have a sinking feeling that we in CV are doomed!

Art Pundt said...
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Anonymous said...

K, maybe you should add the AG to the milk carton as well.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! The AG must really have his sleeves rolled up working hard on the Cape Vincent mess. Maybe that's why one of his staffers read the first 3 sentences ofthe email and classified it as one to be answered by the "environmental" form letter.

On another note, is anyone else experiencing problems with this blog site? It seems to take forever for everything to load before I can scroll down and read the post and then if I click on the letter to read it, it takes me forever to get back to the post.

Could be K. has a lot of information that takes time to load. (However, I don't have that problem on JLL).

I have become quite the skeptic since the wind battle has begun. Things I would never believed could happen, has often time happened. Could this blog delay be someone, besides the bog woner, who has infiltrated the site and is tracking blogger responses?