Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 big Pennsylvania wind farm projects canceled

Two big wind development projects on Appalachian ridges in Bedford and Clearfield counties have been canceled, and fewer new turbines will be spinning across the nation next year due to the possible end of a federal tax credit program that has driven development.

Some environmentalists are applauding the potentially lengthy lull in wind development,
Iberdrola Renewables confirmed Monday that it will not build the 24 wind turbines it had planned on Dunning and Evitts mountains in Bedford County and the 40 wind turbines in the Clover Run project in Clearfield County.

Paul Copleman, an Iberdrola spokesman, said that without the federal Production Tax Credits, which will expire at the end of 2012, its two projects and many others in the state and nation won't get built.

"We're focusing on operation of existing wind power in 2012 rather than new building due to low energy demands and an uncertain regulatory landscape," Mr. Copleman said. "The tax credits are a big part of it. They drive job creation and remain a critical component of our development efforts in the U.S."

link here to original from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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