BP - The Beast is Dead!

BP - The Beast is Dead!

Can you believe it?

A small band of over –the-hill misfits beat the fourth largest corporation in the world and saved their town. Congratulations to all my readers and all those people who have supported and commented on issues related to wind development and wind corruption. February 26 will long be remembered as the date in our history where the redcoats were sent packing the third time in 250 years!

Thank you all!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Is Cape Vincent AG district in the NO Zoning Zone?

 At Thursday’s Town Board meeting Karen Stumph spoke about an issue concerning   the new zoning law, she felt there are problems that the organizers of the committee were not aware of …

   “one of the problems was that the committee was made up primarily of let me use the word – outsiders – – who had no knowledge of the rural community. “Mrs. Stumph said  .

Additionally, she said that the zoning map is deceiving in that much of the land in the outer districts is Agricultural ,she went on to explain that 80% of the River District is  Agricultural, and that 2/3 of the Lake and Recreation area is Agricultural district as well, which again means the township has no authority for land-use in Agricultural Districts, adding that any areas under the Agricultural Districts are immune and or exempt from the town rules and regulations regarding a land-use.

 To support her claim she said that she had spoken with authorities from Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Jefferson County Planning Department and  Agricultural (AG)and markets.

 This sounds credible, however it is not accurate. Farms in some cases are allowed to proceed with farm related activities despite zoning regulations. However the construction of an industrial wind  complex  is not exempt from zoning laws.

Is this a precursor to the road that the pro-wind will be taking? Will they be informing the Public Service Commission that they need not consider the Cape Vincent zoning law because it does not apply to the land slated for BP’s Cape Vincent Wind Farm?