BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Application process continues for southern VW County wind farm

VAN WERT - The Prairie Creek Wind Farm is still on track for construction in the southern portion of Van Wert County, according to BP Wind Project Developer Roger Brown. On Thursday, Brown met with the Van Wert County Commissioners to give a few follow-up answers from last month's meeting.
[Times Bulliten]

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Anonymous said...

This story is from back in May. But is still worth your read.

It reflects the same kind of noncommittal and non-informative talk from the BP project manager that we are accustomed to hearing from our own BP representative, Richard Chandler. But here, the BP representative who is informing local representatives of his imminent retirement is willing to be somewhat more candid about what BP is doing in pushing along its project development permitting activities: "… the closer to complete a project is, the more lucrative it will be to a potential buyer."

We keep wondering among ourselves why BP seems to be so intent on moving forward – – or at least pretending to move forward – – with their project in Cape Vincent. It is probably no more complicated than how the BP representative in Ohio put it: "… The closer to complete a project is, the more lucrative it will be to a potential buyer."

There are plenty of good reasons to conclude that the BP project in Cape Vincent is something that no potential buyer in their right mind would want to touch. But apparently BP directives from its headquarters are that they should move forward with the permitting processes and procedures to the greatest extent possible in order to make the project appear to be more viable to a potential purchaser.

Aside from the fundamental dishonesty of the charade in which BP is engaging in terms of phony public involvement, scoping and stipulating, what is more infuriating is the complete obliviousness or disregard BP has for the adverse economic and social consequences for the community of Cape Vincent and the larger region of their persistent efforts designed to make their project appear to be more valuable to a potential purchaser.

BP has been casting an economically harmful shadow over the town of Cape Vincent and other nearby towns since 2006. They do not give a bucket of spit about the chilling effect that has had on the local housing market, the harm to the social fabric of the community, or any other adverse consequence that has been brought about by their unwanted presence.

Enough is enough.