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Friday, August 16, 2013

Cape Vincent secures grant for $2.8 million Water District 6 project ~ Updated

Update: 10:30 AM 8/16/2013
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CAPE VINCENT — After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the town finally has secured state funding to extend municipal water service to Tibbetts Point.
“This was six years in the making,” town Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey said. “I think it’s a win-win for everybody.”.
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 The video below is from last nights Town Board meeting .
 Matt Cooper of Bernier Carr discusses water district 6 


Anonymous said...

If the CFG wants to get their Bp bozos elected, perhaps they could come up with some suggestions on how Cape Vincent can supply potable water to all its residents.

Anonymous said...

As with many other issues members of the CFG tried to turn the #6 issue into some kind of a town board scandal issue. But good government and good leadership by public officials from the village and the town brought this issue to a promising stage. There are still some problems with some users and collection of outstanding water bills. But with continued good sense and rational thinking those problems will also be resolved. When you vote this year, don't get fooled by the CFG's candidates' claims that they are looking out for the community. They CFG has demonstrated unhealthy political goals that play for the benefit of their wind and the Bp takeover of the Cape by challenging certain rights of others.