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Friday, August 16, 2013

First Wind willing to trash Maine

First Wind of Boston is now proposing a project for the western mountains — the largest industrial wind project to date.
It would stretch more than 25 miles from Bingham to Parkman. The 64, 500-foot turbines that First Wind plans for this remote stretch of the Maine woods would be highly intrusive and visible to large sections of the Appalachian Trail from the Bigelow Preserve to Katahdin, including the section of the Appalachian Trail known as the “100 mile wilderness.”...
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Anonymous said...

I've walked part of that section of the Appalachian Trail. What you find is that the trail is used mostly by young people who are taking a break from their college careers to walk the full extent of the trail which begins in Georgia. The hike takes a spring, summer an fall. For these young people, it is a period of self-discovery and a way to re-orient their life's compass. These young people had an affinity for the outdoors, nature and they come to the hike already predisposed toward saving the planet. What I would be very curious about is how they would view the ominous visual destruction of a beautiful part our country and world. What is interesting is that this project will affect the area at the end of the trail. At this point these young people will have gotten a special appreciation for the some of the beauty and wonder of our eastern mountains. I would suggest that these young hikers may have a different view of saving our planet once they see what is being proposed by First Wind. I would hope they would examine all the methods planned to save our planet and understand that not all things good accomplish good things. Industrial wind is a scam that takes advantage of a cause worth our concern, but in reality is nothing more than a worthless technology that's only purpose is to make money and make us feel good.

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