BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

State impliments a registration process for STAR exemptions.

 The state Department of Taxation and Finance is implementing a new registration process requiring homeowners currently receiving Star property tax exemptions to register with the state was instituted to eliminate fraudulent duplicate registrations.

Senior citizens receiving enhanced star exemptions will not be affected by this change. That program already requires annual registration. Continue...

This new state registration process should ease the minds of a local organization Citizens for fair Government (CFG).
The CFG has also been involved in preventing "fraudulent star exemptions." They have undertaken numerous measures to safeguard the civil liberties and interests of year-round residents of the Town of Cape Vincent.
 One example of this took place August of 2011 when a member of the CFG Presented a petition to the Town of Cape Vincent Town Board asking the board to take action to prevent what they called voter fraud. Subsequently the Town Board passed an illegal law requiring selective voter Identification.

Link here  To read about the efforts of the CFG


Anonymous said...

Ms. Muschell,

Denying civil liberties and intimidating voters as well as taking SLAPP action against your community is pretty dirty stuff. This is bp. Can't the CFG and Dems defend their greed and hatred toward Jefferson County and Thousands Islands citizens by proving the merits of their project and worth to the economic traditions of Jefferson County? Is that why your pro wind asked the JCIDA to take away the right of our County, Towns and School districts to vote on UTEPs. The Cape Vincent Democratic party has become an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

In his court statement was Gary King trying to claim that the petition signers ALL KNEW that they were going to use it to scare voters and pass an illegal resolution? That it said so on the top of the petition?

If that is the case, notice that CFG candidates signed a petition asking the town board to pass an illegal voter resolution that could have cast the town millions in civil rights claims. I sure as hell would not vote for anyone that stupid to put all of the Cape in such legal jeopardy.