BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

 EXCLUSIVE!!! Breaking news BP is Packing it in

 Feb. 26, 2014  10:14 EST

BP cancels 200 MW wind project

BP Wind Energy has cancelled a 200-285 MW wind project it estimated would have cost in excess of $300 million

Victor Kremer, editor for

 Sparkspread, has just

 confirmed that YES indeed the

 200-285 MW 

  project that is being cancelled

 by BP is the Cape Vincent Wind 

Farm Project Proposal!

The Watertown Times has received confirmation  from BP that they are terminating the Cape Vincent Wind Farm project link here to read the story


Turbine Cowplop said...

Good god pandy…I just recovered from Darrell's decision and now bp. I need a drink and I don't even drink.

Anonymous said...

I'm all warm and fuzzy. Maybe Cape Vincent will start to feel like home again.

It's been too long since it has felt like home.

Anonymous said...

YIKES!!!! Are you all delusional????? Appeasing Article X will do no good. Idiots!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just sit back and see how the Arizona cowboy spins this so that he can claim credit for the out come.It is sure to be interesting.

Word has it that his next rant is going to be how it is Urbans fault that the ice is to thick for the ice fisherpeople to ice fish.
The rant after that will be that it is Ricks fault that the ferry is not running.

John Richardson said...


It is a shame you allow posts like the ones above. They serve no purpose and degrade your blog and purpose.

Anonymous said...

The Arizona cowboy serves up a regular diet of personal attacks on nearly everyone. He deserves no special consideration, protection or sympathy if others mock him or his writing style.