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Thursday, February 19, 2015

SASS Recognizes The blending of nature and culture

The Thousand Islands have long been recognized as an area of exceptional scenic beauty. Appreciated for centuries by local residents, the region began to attract vacationers as early as the mid-Nineteenth Century. These early visitors built spectacular homes and castles on the islands and along the shoreline of the river. The care and creativity used by these early visitors in locating and designing homes and structures that fit in with the landscape created a tradition of land stewardship and creative design that continues today. The blending of nature and culture in the Thousand Islands is unique and can be a guiding force as the region takes steps to promote and manage its scenic landscapes in the future. Today people live, visit, and invest in the Thousand Islands, in part, because of the spectacular scenery. Our beautiful river and its many islands are an important part of our quality of life and of our economy.

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