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Thursday, November 5, 2015



 Hudson Energy Development (HED) has submitted an application under Article 10 (A10) in high hopes of building a wind farm on Galloo Island.  As part of the A10 process HED, hosted a turbine meet and greet in Henderson, NY last evening.

The Henderson meeting was a typical  example of a cookie cutter Article 10 meet and greet ,replete with the wind developers ,doughnuts and coffee.  What distinguished last nights meeting from others  I have attended  was the presence of Don Alexander.

Alexander is the CEO of the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency (JCIDA ). The JCIDA is the entity that negotiates a PILOT deal with the developer.
A PILOT allows a developer to  pay a small fraction of the project’s net worth to a taxing jurisdiction instead of paying their fair share of property taxes.  In the case of Hudson’s Galloo project they would be paying approximately one third or 30 cents on the dollar of what they would be required to pay without a pilot. Last night the developers stated that without a PILOT there would not be a project, but they are hopeful that county legislators would be supportive after they learn more about the project.

Don Alexander  & Bill Moore
Alexander’s presence at last nights meeting was troubling considering he has been at the center of controversy concerning a PILOT for the Galloo project, having been accused of misrepresenting and manipulating legislative support for the project.  Alexander has been told in no uncertain terms that the legislature opposes a  PILOT for the Galloo project. In light of methods deployed by Alexander in the past it doesn’t take much to figure out what he was discussing with Moore does it?  


Mad as Hell said...

Alexander's partnership with this wind developer should make Jefferson County taxpayers more than a little uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

You would think Alexander would step back and disengage after his rebuke by Jeff. County legislator Scott Gray and the Watertown Daily Times. His persistence makes us want to follow the money. Where there is smoke there is fire.

Anonymous said...

Don Alexander and Moore should take note. the County Legislators made it clear they were opposed to a Pilot for Galloo. They recently showed great disapproval of Alexander"s attempt to circumvent their voting rights on wind project Pilots. In addition, they were all re-elected without opposition!! THE VOTERS HAVE SPOKEN!!!