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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Alabama ~ Baldwin County Commission votes to ban wind farms

MOBILE, Ala. — 
A south Alabama county commission voted unanimously to block a company from installing wind turbines on Tuesday.
The Baldwin County Commission passed two ordinances to ban wind energy farming. One ordinance applies to areas of Baldwin County that fall within zoning regulations, and the other applies to unincorporated areas, Continue...[AL.com


Anonymous said...

What seems to get lost in all these discussions and articles related to industrial wind development and local public support is that most of these projects are sited in areas that have no need for the energy that will be produced off and on. We should be hearing more complaints that the development should occur where there is the demand for additional electric power. Or, there should be development where there is the demand for power and where there is also the public support for saving the planet by spending far more money on electricity for no other reason other than it makes some people feel good.

Industrial wind projects should be sited within the large east coast metropolises that demand the power and have the political will to accept the negative impacts. Moreover, city dwellers are more tolerant of noise, flicker, property devaluation related to industrial development as part of city life. So, why not complete the picture? Put a wind turbine on every high-rise in Atlanta, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and leave us rural folk alone, because we are accustomed to and value rural peace and quiet.

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